Pitra Shanti

Due to father’s fault, a person may have to suffer many things. But what could be those things and why?

If  any desires remain unfulfilled or good conduct is not completed in the family after the death of an ancestor, then his soul wanders between his house and the next generation. The soul of the dead ancestors puts pressure on the people of the family to fulfill their wishes and causes other problems to the family members like problem of getting married, discontent in married life, repeated failures in exams, drunkenness, the problem of abortion or pregnancy, the child’s premature death or the birth of a stupid child, not making a decision, being too fierce and many more.

In astrology, the sun is considered as a father and Mars is the cause of the blood. When these two important planets are in a sinful condition in a person’s horoscope, then the person’s life gets stuck in the cycle of patriotism.

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